Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mainframe Computers

Mainframe Computers were introduced by IBM in 1960s, Mainframe computers are huge computers which can process trillions of data per second. These computers are used in Banking & Finance, Insurance, Automotives, Retail, Airline reservation and telecomm domains. World's top 10 Banks run their business on Mainframe Computers.

Below is the picture of Mainframe.


Advantages Of Mainframe :
1)Speed : Mainframe can process trillions of data per second.
2)Reliability : Mainframe are the most reliable computers which are never hacked.
3)Availability : Mainframe computers can run for years & years without shutting it off. It can run for several years without any interruption.

People realted to Mainframe :
1)System Administrators :
These people perform activities like start up,shut down, maintaince and upgrdations in system.

2) Application Programmers:
Application programmers develop applications in mainframe and run these applications so that business like airline reservation, or funds transfer will run.




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