Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Structure of Mainframe

Mainframe computer consists of below hardware devices -
1) CPC - Central Processing Co

Central processing complex has more than one central processing units.

2) DASD (Disk drives) - Direct access storage device
DASD is like hard disk in personal computers, it is secondary storage in mainframe. Commonly used DASDs are 3390.

3) TAPE -
TPAE devices are like old cassettes. As per requirement system operators can mount the TAPEs.

4) Terminal -
Terminal are used by System operators to perform different activities like modifications, upgradations, start up or shut down of mainframe systems. Commonly used terminals are 3270.

5) I/O Devices (PCs)  -  Application programmers can develop application through I/O devices. These devices are connected to mainframe through Ethernet.

Please find below structure of Mainframe :